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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Lungau cows!


Felt much better today as the sun is shining..  The smell of my breakfast bread took me straight back to early mornings in Switzerland!

The new nurse who introduced herself as the ‘night ghost’ argued my asking for more Pain killers. Lazy cow I thought, she was a large woman hiding behind a wall of perfume and chewing gum,  but then again, maybe I do need to see if I really need them, But she later forgot to remove my drip before she went off duty, so I don’t know! I’ve had her,  my lovely worrying Lungau speaking lady who really looked after me on my first night, the one with the musical voice who took my catheter out.  I’d like to know her, talking kids she said she has none, so why are you working I asked and she burst out laughing?   It so nice to get the attention from them, but they’re only doing a job and I just hate it as when they have less to do, I see less interesting to them.

I’m just feeling less and less sore as time goes by, no feelings deep inside, I’m getting better! But I’m getting a lot of wind! The pain is nothing as bad as I expected or the bleeding, very little. Reckon Dr C must be a worka holic but I see he’s the primar or top guy here, so I guess it’s his job!  I’v got to have a spulung or rinsing before I can come home –arrgghhhhhhhhhh!

Looking forward to seeing Edith this pm.  It was church service today and I was expecting visitors to troop in and to do the tearfully pleased, but no one came, maybe cos it was a bit out of visiting time!

I had to have yet another hole for a drip in my arm today.  The young doc had been to the treasure hunt in Obertauen in the snow yesterday and had ligament damage on her arm, maybe that’s why I now have SIX holes, but another Nurse says the antibiotics damage the veins.  Edith said she could do a better job!


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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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