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Horses to cheer me up!


The radiator in my room sounds  just like my tinnitus when I get it, could drive me nuts if I let it, but at least it goes off at night!I woke with bad pains in my legs.  My tights had done a Nora Batty and were tight on my ankles.  Dr C was concerned but I said I knew I just had to move.  My new pain-killer is ibrufen anti inflammatory based, getting whole bottles of it! Another hole in my arm last night, apparently the antibiotics make the veins weak, and I get them 3 times a day.

Catheter out!  Nurse said make an O with a mouth and as I was concerned with that it slipped out, what a relief, free! So I had a lovely wobbly shower and then managed a 400ml wee, which apparently is important to make sure all is functioning,  All happy with me! Bladder ok!

Lunch came at 12, and I felt like a kid with a load of presents. Each dish was individual, salad, main, veges, puds ect and I dipped into all  with such delight, I was SOOOO hungry, although I’d had a semmel and coffee for brekky!  Soon was satisfied and didn’t finsh it but made sure I ate as much roughage as poss. Dave  brought my laptop in but I felt it too heavy to work with and sent it home! I’ve been chatting to the nurses about Stef  who is a Nurse and they all know about her, am I turning into my Mum in pride?

Such a blessed peace in this room.

Supper was filled courgettes and I couldn’t eat them, said so to the nurse but she was shaking her head, they were disgusting!  And I used to complain about Mum’s fussiness!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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