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It was only in the morning that I realised I’d been shaved, highly embarrassing as most of the team were men, why couldn’t I have done it myself? ( It haunts me even now well afterwards) I  found the old fashioned sts that the hospital gives don’t catch so much on the stubble.  My new sts, maybe with perfume and chemicals actually made me more sore when I sat about later.  Loose knickers, large ones are much better than something tight on the tummy!

Another woman arrived in my room, poor love had lost a baby, but she went home in the afternoon.  Again I thanked God for my little bit of privacy.

I was given another medicine for the pain but that knocked me out too! I had my packing removed. I  didn’t know I was getting it. Doc came in with a pair of forceps and removed about 3m of bloody gauze,  Stung a bit. Maybe all due to my misunderstanding, but a written info pack would have been good, but maybe I’d rather not have known!  I was got out of bed, felt a little woozy, but ok. I had done a bit of trawling on the internet, and I think the worst thing you can so is read the forum pages.  These are after all, people who have hit problems and need advice.  It’s far better to go to a straight forward information site, or read people’s stories, they’re far more positive and helpful.  As it was, what I had read meant that I prayed over all my organs repeatedly, praying them to enjoy the new space and function normally, I prayed for a full recovery with no infection.

Yet I was still panicking a bit!  I had my first lunch, pureed veges and it tasted like heaven!I got very tired at 7,  I gave  myself two shots and was out of it!


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