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Women’s Stuff – Three, Operation day



My room with a view


I  awoke, soo hungry and in a new bed but I had sort of slept. I couldn’t have done all that fidgeting without being on my own.  How stressfull it is sharing a room, this is a real blessing I think the nurses are more friendly when you’re on your own!

I kept on repeating about how I’m the Righteousness of God in Jesus Christ, and By His Stripes I am Healed and that helped!  I was called at 5.30 to shower, put the gown and surgical tights on, and I tidied the room incase I didn’t come back to there. Tum was still aching a bit after all that med and going a bit too!  I was told by Doc I’d be done early so at 6.50 exactly I took my pre-med and lay down.  Was flying like a kite, was great, I’d have more of that stuff any time!  I was going in and out of all sorts of things.

Still I waited.  Eventually I rang and the nurse said I’d been delayed, huh, no one thought to tell me, I tried not to grump and the med was wearing off.  Dr C even came belting in, there’d been an emergency and all was behind, but I would be done. eventually nearly three hours later I was wheeled down, by Siegfried the Porter, how many times would I have the questions, jewellery gone, tights on etc?  But I was parked and abandoned for another hour in the Pre-op room.  People came in and out and I was bemused by the emergency Anaesthesia which was a large lump pf wood hanging on the wall.

At last, I was wheeled to a hatch, bed raised,  I was slipped into the middle, bed away, then slipped over to the table.  Arms placed on mountings I made a rude comment about their bad tv.  Didn’t seem as nice and friendly as last time, but there had been a lot of stress. Then I had oxygen on face, something in hand, was dizzy and gone……


The bloke’s voice was insistent, keeping on asking how my pain score was, I still don’t know what he did to my ear, something about a blood count. I did woozily look out a window, couldnt work out where  I was, didn’t look like the hospital at all! On a count of two I got sent to the ward. I was a s high as a kite on the morphine and whatever other cocktail I’d had.  Doc C said all was ok but a bit difficult getting out where I’d been sterilized and I’d had a Caesarian section.  Dave had a picture of him bracing his foot against the table and tugging! I  asked Dr C when my check up would be, nutter!

So I was in little pain. A catheter,  drip in arm, antibiotics and more painkillers  and an infusion cartridge where I could dose myself, harhar!  I was checked very often, the nurse quite worried about my blood pressure in the night, but I knew it was always low.  Funny, I kept on dipping in and out and thinking I’d slept all night, it was morning, to find it was only 10!  It was a warm night and so the window was open I could hear the local river and the birds singing, Wonderful!


4 thoughts on “Women’s Stuff – Three, Operation day

  1. Ouch! All is good with Jesus the healer and the lifter of our head… (:


  2. Dear Anna,
    I am glad it’s over and you are recovering. I had that done when I was about ten years ago to control bleeding and anemia. I had hoped to wait it out until menopause, but just couldn’t do it. It has been fine–I can hardly remember a thing about it. I hope you get lots of pampering (and you’re allowed to pamper yourself too), and take the time you need to recover!


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