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The male readers of my blog may wish to look away for this small series that’s coming up.  My aim is perhaps give a little information about hysterectomy and encouragement to someone going though the same thing, and get it all off my chest! All this took place in Austria, under a very different healthcare to that in the UK, but a good one. It was also in a second language, which was a challenge in itself!

Being 53 years old, I am well under the way towards the menopause, having had some sweats a couple of years ago, I was just so looking forward to being done with menstruation and the pain I’d been experiencing for well over a year.  No pills seemed to touch it, despite visits to my Gynaecologist (Dr.C) for different treatments. Then last month, I was in so much pain that I was nearly doubled up.  It was strange too, that suddenly I had a gush of blood, the pain and bleeding stopped almost immediately.  I just felt I couldn’t go on with this and made an appointment with Dr C.  I just wanted to know if he could  give me some better painkillers, but also what could be done, was this all just part of the Pre Menopause stuff.

To my surprise, as soon as I gave the symptoms, he said we have two options. A Dilation and curettage which may not be effective or a hysterectomy. My cervix has all but closed up with age, and with thickened tissue, my womb was just filling up with blood.  The cramps were it trying to force the blood out.  He explained I could have a Vaginal hysterectomy and the ovaries would be left in place, so my body would continue to decay as normal.  I was in equal measures shocked and relieved. No more pain, well apart from the operation! A couple of my friends had been through this and had recovered quickly and been well on it, so I felt it was going to be ok.  I was concerned about the recovery as the Operation was due on April 16th and we are travelling home for our son’s wedding on May 11th.  Doc said there was no problem, I’d be fine.  So he rang and arranged the date and I walked out in a daze.

We are very lucky, that in Tamsweg we have a hospital which has all the necessary wards and Dr C is the Primar or guy in charge of Gynaecology, all he had to do was ring and tell his secretary, amazing!

So I spent the next week in a state of semi-panic, which I’m really good at. It was only when I read about previous operations I remembered how hard a hold I had to take on myself over this. I though I would die (stupid cow) because in our lives at the moment, we’ve hit so many walls about our work and future here that maybe it was because I was going to croak (double silly cow). Dave  and I passed a quiet week, I even forgot about it. The kids didn’t really say much, my daughter being a Nurse said what about the alternatives, but quite honestly the though of trying coils and hormones and for them not to work was unthinkable.  My best friend kept on going, Poor old  you, and it made me quite cross, this was my decision, and it was the solution. I even went to the Surgeon who dealt with my diverticulitis to  make sure all was ok, and he said Dr C is an Artist, you’re in really good hands! Then Dr C rang and said he had to delay by two days as something had come up, and he wanted to do the operation himself. So Wednesday  17th I was due to go in for the pre-op stuff.

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