So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

My BIG mistake…….

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I’ve only ever been an amateur bird watcher, and it was with great glee that I thought I had Nutcrackers visiting my bird table this winter.  Wrong.  Turns out that it’s quite a rare species and fellow bloggers haven’t hesitated in putting me right.

It’s also meant strangers turning up on our front door, how they found me I’ll never know. Facebook link I suppose.  Yesterday it was three students from Salzburg University and before that six guys from Vienna.  I even turfed a group out who were walking all over my flowerbed. All equipped with cameras and long lists.  We couldn’t  get out to do stuff and they drank us out of tea.  Lovely people, but I don’t think I’ll post much more about birds! So I say here, they’ve GONE, back to the woods in Burgenland where they apparently live most of the year. I’ m going to FB it and put a sign on the door!

Apparently the bird is  Fossoravril,  in German  Braunstreich


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