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The Dream

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As I’ve blogged, when I’m upset about something, I often dream about houses where I’ve lived, especially our one at Little Marsh.  The other day after signing on, I had one of my vivid dreams, one of those rare ones that woke me and I decided I wanted to go back to it, so I shut my eyes and went back.  In the early morning I told Dave about this dream which is rare as I don’t usually remember them beyond waking, nor  tell.

We were at Little Marsh in location, it wasn’t our old house but similar. I never made out the upper rooms.  We were arriving, not leaving as I usually dream. We were clearing and cleaning it as it was as dark and neglected as Little Marsh. We then for some reason went out.  When we got back, there was a gang of WI ladies there making cakes and teas for some event (a bit like my lovely ladies here). I was so cross I yelled and sent them all out, it was this original anger that woke me.  After they’d gone, the Chimney sweep arrived and it turned out he was pulling a fast one as he’already cleaned the chimney the previous week.  Then came a decorator, also on the make.  Then blow me down, the ladies came back again, and painted the downstairs white.  All the old wallpaper was falling off in the dampness, white paint every where, and they hadn’t seen we’d polished the floor boards and so hadn’t used cloths and ruined them. My impression was that all these people were in some ways using us.  My dream did  go on to horses and taking a white one called Snowy there, and we got  stuck in a snowstorm and she had a baby, but that seems a reflection of a recent short story I wrote.  I really had the feeling this was almost a warning not to return to England. Yet maybe it came out of my subconscious after I’ve been returning to some former jobs (see previous blog) such as at the  stables and been doing more translating work……..

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

One thought on “The Dream

  1. I often have dreams like this–often they mirror back my anxiety about an upcoming performance, or event. I hope you are doing well.


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