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Park and Ride in Salzburg

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Not like the sound of music -pah!

Dave and I have driven in Salzburg and on our recent visit, it was decided to use the Park and Ride on the outskirts.  It was well signposted with gantries over the road as we drove in, but suddenly we realised we must have overshot as we were getting further into the suburbs.  Turning around, we drove back and this time saw a really small sign on the right, which was covered with snow, for a small off-road.  After all the gantries, surely it was logical to put a BIG sign for the final exit?  But then again this is well in line with the Austrian logic for road signs.

We parked in the snow and made our way back to the kiosk where we had taken the automatic ticket, only in the light of not finding any other information.  We discovered a Mr.Jobsworth sat in his warm cubby hole, who wasn’t going to move or be helpful if he could. Surely as this is a major parking place, especially in the summer, a sign on the ticket automat in English, such as buy your ticket in kiosk would help – as I wasn’t driving I couldn’t really read the little information on it.  So we told us the price, then grumped that we had to use the machine on the side of the kiosk.  So of course it decided it didn’t like our 10 euro note and kept on spitting it out.  Of course that was our fault, so Mr. Grump then had to leave his warmth and try himself. He reckoned it was damp, we all had the giggles by then which didn’t help ‘It’s not a circus’ grumbled Mr Grump. Eventually we had our tickets and he slapped our bus pass on the counter, and rolled his eyes when we asked where the bus stop was – again a bit snow bedecked. So we went and waited for the bus and had a great day. When we returned it looked like he was still in the kiosk, a long day, I wonder how many other people’s day he tried to ruin?????

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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