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The World day of Prayer

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Ich war fremd und ihr habt mich aufgenommen

I guess I was feeling a little sore from having just lost the job, it had in many ways suited me, my last day in the evening, it was the International day of Women’s prayer.  For some obscure reason it’s always held in the Crypt of the church in Mariapfarr.  No heating, underground and a bit grim.  It’s also the war memorial and there is this stunning crucifix, its draped with pieces of leather which are slowly drooping. Its atmospheric  and sad, just like the loss of war. The service was run by the local Catholic ladies and there were only three of us Protestants there!

The service did go on a bit long and the lady (Barbara) next to me, who had got the bad deal of being next to the damp wall was more than ready to go to the Agape meal. I had brought her and Linda over from home, quite a little gang, it felt like a little bit of serving God for me. There was another car of ladies from Ramingstein and we all sort of congregated together.  As we left the Crypt, a white haired lady who I’ve seen quite a lot around the village came up and grabbed my arm and said how pleased she was to meet me, having already met Dave loads of times in the Garden centre. She was so kind and interested.  So we all sat in a group and tucked into the bread and spreads, there was much excitement about the Quiche, seems no one makes them much here, now I know what to produce to impress folks!  It was a general chat, then we somehow got onto the subject of not sleeping well, someone said salt under the tongue went well. Another how she goes into the kitchen, and another suggested that the best cure was to go to Church, everyone dozed off there sooner or later. Much laughter. We talked about baking, various neighbours , my Wuhlmaus eating the garden.  It is difficult to pick up dialect when there’s so many people were chatting but I felt a part of them.  On the way out one of our group, a little like my Mum, also grabbed my arm for support.  The whole evening had me overwhelmed by the love of these ladies.  It was like being surrounded in a loving, Godly circle and I felt included and loved. Maybe this day of prayer takes many different forms.

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

One thought on “The World day of Prayer

  1. This sounds so lovely! I said a little prayer for you and your husband that you find jobs and God’s plan for you becomes clear. God bless you.


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