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Staying in Stratford, London

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We stayed for a few days in Stratford in London, near where they had the Olympic games. We got off the coach just outside the entrance to Westfield shopping centre, and entered on a new life experience.  Then we staggered to the Apartment  which was originally built for the Olympics.  Stef had stayed there earlier and it was beginning to look a little worn.  The mattress was subsiding, there was a chip out of the loo seat and the rug didn’t bear looking under.  But we had got it at nearly half price using the Internet Groupon service, where you get daily offers of stuff on the net.   We were on the ground floor, and next to  the service rooms, a tad noisy, wish they’d make the receptionist wear soft shoes if there was stuff to do at night! All run by staff from Eastern Europe, some of whom had English worse than my German.  I wouldn’t want to do reception!

The number of people was the biggest shock, making me realise just how rusticated I’ve become. Then the buildings, the lack of green,  it wasn’t dirty, just packed with houses and streets and shops.

It was of to buy food and a look around the shops.  What struck me was the lack of white faces, 90% of the people around us were coloured, and 75% of that Muslim as shown by the head thingeys.  It was worse than Westquay in Southampton five years ago, each for his own, and so hot. We went back in on Boxing day and it was worse.  It said on the news that there were 250,000 people there, that’s more than live in the Lugau.  So many people. Stef accused me of doing a Crocodile Dundee, you don’t  make eye contact here.  How does God cope with all these people?  I can’t see it.

There was even a gropu pf Indians performing outside. It was all exhausting.  My initial enchantmane with all these people soon wore off.  I was relieved to leave. but it was all amazing!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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