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Snow report and strange weather!




For all you skiers who may pick up this blog, there’s tons of snow in the ski resorts here in Austria, Salzburgerland, especially in the Lungau region.  But not in the valleys.  it’s completely weird.  The snow that was on the ground when we arrived back from England has melted, and we’ve had temperatures of +5 to +7 and RAIN!!!!!!


This time last year!

Result is a sense of spring, yesterday we walked all over the place, and you could smell the vegetation, something you don’t usually get until the real thaw.  It’s also extremely windy, unusual for here, it usually just blows when there’s a storm coming.  Apparently its all due to a big high pressure which is keeping the real cold in the direction of East Europe.

What worries me is my own attitude to it.  I’m feeling a huge sense of relief, not having to battle with the ice, does this drag me down more than I imagine?  Or is it because of my own very unsettled state of mind following our trip home to the UK  where in fact the weather was identical? Usually I’d be moaning at the lack of snow for Cross country skiing, instead I just want to put the walking boots on and head out for a stroll.


2 thoughts on “Snow report and strange weather!

  1. In Finland the weather has been rainy last year – too rainy. Now the winter started too cold. Well it happens. I love especially the first photo.


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