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Travel Theme; Silhouette


Ok, so maybe I’m pushing the silhouette thing a bit far but I very rarely photgraph people in detail!

We get wonderful moons here late in the year, but this was one of my early attempts;

While I was browsing around, I found this one, which It thought I could fiddle with a bit -which I don’t usually do. I’m of the school that says you either get it or you don’t!

But this is what happened on just the automatic adjustment. Think I prefer the first!


18 thoughts on “Travel Theme; Silhouette

  1. I think these are absolutely perfect for this week´s Travel Theme. Well done!


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  5. Beautiful shots! Love the third one!


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  7. Hi Anna,
    I love this series of photos.


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  10. Lovely, Anna, and silhouettes don’t have to be of people, these are perfect! xxx Ailsa


  11. I agree with Ailsa Anna – on both counts


  12. wow on the long distance photo with the half moon


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  15. So lovely photos. I love especially the moon photo.


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