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Friesach, Karnten

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While Dave was on his holidays, my choice was for a day exploring, so we took off in the car and headed up to a place called Flattnitz.  We’d started driving there last year but had to head home.  It turned out to be a ski resort, with loads of walking, and we saw the church which we think must have once been a Burg.

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However, the clouds were building and we didn’t think it safe to risk going up high.  So we motored down through a luxuriant but boring valley in Carinthia (Karnten) until we came upon the town of Friesach. We spent the day exploring a Medieval town, complete with walls, Burg, towers, museums, market street. All part of Europe’s fascination with all things medieval, but what a nice chance day out!


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  1. You got some great photos here!


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