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Garden Time – harvest begins


This weekend we harvested the peas, the latest we’ve ever done them, but a good crop.  Have to be positive.  The we checked the parsnips and carrots.  The mouse has eaten practically the lot. The picture above shows how they get eaten right away and our entire crop!  This spring I’m putting poison down and getting rid of the blighters.  Its either that or building raised beds at huge expense that they cant get in.  I rescued the last three parsnips and put them in pots.  Dave reckons they wont survive, but at least I’ve stopped the mice eating them!

The sweet corn seems to be growing well, and the broccoli is at last broccoling.  The broad beans are still flowering so I’m leaving them be as long as possible.   We sowed french beans instead of runner beans (not MY fault, I didn’t buy them), so that’ll be a change, they’re just coming in.   The courgettes were so overplanted (by me) that they’re too shaded and the yellow ones are rotting if I don’t pick them quick. The tomato story continues -Paggy has lost all his, he reckons its the switching between the very hot and then cold rainy weather that’s done it. I’ve still got to plant my pansies for next year -another experiment, and we’re going to take cuttings of our geraniums rather than store them in the cellar as they just dont look so good the second year.

Dave and I sat with a bottle of beer podding the peas on Saturday, in the sunshine on our swing seat. Contentment.


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2 thoughts on “Garden Time – harvest begins

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  2. Sorry to hear about the mouse problem. Something ate the top portion of all my beets last year. Gardening isn’t easy when critters are around.


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