So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow


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At the beginning of the second week in August, there’s a feeling of change in the air.  Although its still hot and humid, there’s a difference which I can’t quite pinpoint.  I’ve felt this before, its the onset of autumn, not the end of the year but the cooling towards ripeness and harvest.

The birds are an indicator.  Today I heard a Jay having a shout in the garden and the Robin is singing his chattering song.  It never fails to take me back to the year my son was born and I was at home a lot, lying around as the pregnancy was complicated and I could hear ours singing in the garden.

The biggest change is those darn sparrows are back. Having taken themselves off to the mountains or somewhere, they’re back at the feeder, fighting with the Great Tits for the few peanuts I put out.    Depressing? No, the autumn here can indeed be mellow and cooler and beautiful, its  a maturing of summer.  I’ll be thinking about snow next…………..


One thought on “Birdwars

  1. One of the greatest pleasures of working in the garden is listening to the birds sing.


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