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Holidays at home

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Obertauern, the ski lifts spoil it a bit for me, some people are never satisfied

Of course, we’re spoilt here with the scenery, castles, steam trains, Alm huts,  cycle trails……….but wherever you live you always take it for granted.  So when Dave and I boarded the bus to take us to Salzburg a few weeks ago, I began to get my holiday excitement.  We were going to meet the family and pick up a hire car at Salzburg airport, hence this journey. 

It was during the baking hot bit, so we were so glad to sit in an air-conditioned bus.  We sped through the Lungau and up to Obertauern, my nose pressed to the window like any good tourist.  Maybe its just seeing the usual from a new perspective.  Our train at Radstadt was delayed, then when we sat down, we found our coach had no aircon so we adjourned to the buffet for the rest of the journey.  Very picturesque through the gorges and mountains to Salzburg. The new Railway station we arrived at was buzzing, but we noticed for the first time the beautiful pictures high up in the main foyer. 

Another packed bus to the airport. I got a window and we saw the blocks of flats filling the suburbs catching snatches of life. One staggered me.  We were stopped and outside a shop I saw to alkies drinking together on a bench.  The I noticed one had a crutch, and a big stain down what looked like a hospital robe.  He had a black eye, and when he lifted his hand, a drip attachment in his hand.  Dave noticed he was barefoot too.  Had he escaped?  There was no hospital nearby, we’ll never know!

This was the first weekend of the school holidays and everywhere were groups of teenagers clad in similar tee shirts ready for their drunken trip to Ibiza and other places.  As Dave and I walked through the terminal there was a real stink of teenager -ugh!

We met family  and spent the next few days going to huts, walking, the shooting festival and it really was like being on holiday.  Usual routine gone.  Good company.  Even exploring a bit of Obertauern we didn’t know. Maybe it was taking the unusual journey that gave the sense of holiday, but I must say there’s a lot to say for a holiday at home!


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