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Weekly Photo Challenge;Purple


This one had me thinking,  I’ve got flowers to do on the Travel Challenge by Ailsa, so they’re ruled out, so here goes!

Ok, so it’s not entirely purple.  This is a pattern you see on a lot of the highly decorated houses in the Lungau, this is in Mauterndorf

Its called the Running dog, I’ve tried to do it myself but made a real mess of it.  It’s also on the Getreide Kasten which I’ve already blogged about. This one is at the Freilicht Museum Salzburg (Open air museum)  and is supposed to date to the 17th century. 

Some painters travelling from Rome to Salzburg paid their way by painting, maybe not a direct route and you’d expect it to me more widespread, but maybe they ran out of money in Lungau……….

More detail

However, I’ve seen this on Roman mosaics in Time Team, so reckon it dates far further back, we have at least one villa here and loads of Roman bits left lying around!  When you live in monochrome for up to five months of the year you can understand why people love to paint their houses!


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  6. Lovely theme “Purple” this time. Thanks @Anna for the visiting


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