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Horses and Salzburg – the Fiakers

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One of the attractions of visiting Salzburg is having a coach ride around the town, with a pair of Haflingers or thoroughbreds.  The first time I saw them I was horrified by the big nails in the back of the shoes (not studs) but when you see the cobbles they go over, maybe they are needed, but still it puts a lot of weight on the toes.  I’ve seen the coaches lined up in the rain with the horses all wearing Gortex rugs, so I guess they are regulated and cared for. I like it too that many don’t wear blinkers, which I’ve long thought stupid as the horse must be near blinded, only seeing a little bit in front.

However, there was this article about a Norriker stallion who was so aggravated by flies that he kicked the traces and galloped home across the city, causing damage to cars and scaring folks.   There’s  been a resultant conversation about having the horses etc, etc.  However, no one has asked why use a stallion?  In my books, its part of the package that they react and act differently than a mare or a gelding, and I think only an idiot would use a stallion for such work.


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