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Self centeredness is the source of all grief

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As I’ve said, God really has his hands on my path at the moment, and it feels good at last to feel its the right direction. This doesn’t mean he’s still not dealing with me, oh no, everytime I think he’s going to lighten up, he points out something new. I’m also really getting to be excited that he has something new,  because he is dealing with both of us on somethings, and we’ve felt under spiritual attack (my severe bout of homesickness), we must at last be getting close to our goal!

Joyce Meyer and Andrew Wommack were both speaking  similar subjects last night -thawack again. Basically we see ourselves as the centre of the universe and take offence when someone acts as if we aren’t  eg, someone ignores you – well maybe they’re on a bad day, its nothing to do with you.  Someone cuts you up on the road – maybe they are in a hurry, or cross, but its nothing to do with you, you’re just in the way.  It’s all about dying to self, which I’ve written about before.  Basically being self-centred is the source of all grief  -do  look at their teachings!

So me. God gives me a job where I’m a lot on my own – a relief after last year but it can be a bit lonely. One lady leaves me instructions as if I’m a dope, not knowing what to do each week.  Once I got really upset so I just let all these feelings run through me to examine them.  I’m just a cleaning lady, not her friend.  In some ways down the social ladder and of little interest – that’s just how it is. She also has a very busy stressed life and its her way of trying to be nice, leaving me a note, she doesn’t realise what she’s saying hurts, she doesn’t know Ido all these things anyway. Its her problem not mine, I can decide not to be offended.  Likewise, there’s some special event on in one of the offices – I knew as they left flyers around, but no one said a word to me.  I could get on my high horse or laugh,  so I just kept quiet. Today she rang, asking me to do special clean, so I was polite, didn’t get cross that she was asking me to do stuff Id done already, I chose not to take offence.  Like wise the other  house, they are all a bit shy and unfriendly, I’m not letting them get  away with that, they have the problem,  so I’m always cheerful happy and willing.  This is how God is teaching me to deal with people.  What is the next challenge ?  Getting me ready for when we run our small Hotel?????????

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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