So where's the snow?

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Rain, rain, rain rain

Dave at long last has got a break from the Garden centre, he’s got about three weeks off.  Its Monday morning, my usual Blog day, it’s 9.30 and I’m already nearly howling with frustration.  I told him this was my writing time, but he’s giving no concessions.  The radio/tv will stay on the whole day as he has for years said it drowns his tinnitus.  He’s cleaning the flat, I suppose I should be grateful but as usual its accompanied by comments about my failures in that department Ok maybe justified, but I’m saving it for the end of the week when I get ready for visitors.  Its pouring down with rain so I can’t go outside and work.  I’ll eventually get used to it, and he’ll be back to work but for today, ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!


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