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Old Timer Meeting in Lungau

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June 17th

No, this wasn’t a load of old gits in wheelchairs, but a big meeting of older cars and tractors, along with a big flea market in Mauterndorf. 

It was a celebration for the local Young farmer’s club.  Well organised, but as with all things we go to, absolutely no provision for parking, so there we vehicles along the road sometimes blocking it.

Was glad to see some Brits there!


I can understand that no farmer was going to give an inch of field away this week as it was hay making week but……….In fact most working tractors I’ve seen here would class as Old timers!

Austrian tractor – note seat and table at back for beer drinking on the move!

There was a group playing , roast chickens, sausage and beer, were the police there to keep order, were there fights – no everyone just enjoyed themselves!

The weather this weekend has been so hot, hence the hay making, I think every tractor in the valley was in use if not at the show. 

Think this is the same make as Columbo’s car!

 A lot of the cars had Tamsweg plates, but I guess spend most of their time in a garage!


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