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The siren

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Not an alien on the roof!

Every Saturday at Midday,the siren on our roof goes off in one long blast, and it’s quite deafening.  It always makes me think of film ‘The Time Machine, when the Morlocks call their victims in.  I suppose it was installed during the war years as an Air raid siren, but has remained.  When we asked Tony why it still goes, he says that although the Fire and Police service have bleepers, often there is no reception in parts of the mountains, or if he leaves the bleeper in the kitchen and where there is a siren in every village, very few areas don’t hear it.  It’s then a rush to the Fire station etc to man the wagons.

In October, there is a testing day.  Besides the normal, we get three blasts with a small pause which is calling, Fire and Police and maybe the Mountain Rescue. A long extended one means somethings really up and you need to put your tv on and find out what the national disaster is. 

It doesn’t go off that often.  We like it when we have visitors and don’t tell them and see how they react and of course the joke never palls of asking someone the time as it goes off on Saturday.  It even once went off just after we’d told some friends all about it and they weren’t really believing us.  If we don’t know what the call out was for, we can always go to the Pub on Sunday and ask Tony.  One occasion it was that someone hadn’t gone home from the pub and a search was initiated – he was found in a ditch!  Last night it went off twice in five minutes which we’ve never heard in five years, we are now wondering if no one turned up to the first one………..

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