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Prize winning and stubbornness

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I recently entered a local photo competition to do with the protest against the proposed Kraftwerk or power station on the river Mur, see link below. I had already put two piccies on another competition run by the action group itself, so put all  my contenders on this one. Just to see how they’d do in an online vote. To my surprise I won a prize, I think it was an equivalent fourth.  This Friday it’s the results from the main competition at our local culture centre the Jagglerhof.  Bit of local enterprise as the local farmer has added on to his farm and he hosts wedding, concerts, cooking courses etc.   I’m just going for the joy of seeing my piccies mounted in an exhibition.

So the prize?  River rafting down the river Mur in one of those inflated boats.  No thanks. I got loads of different responses to my stating I didn’t want to do it, which had me examining where and what I’m at.  I’ve seen so many films of people being catapulted out and hitting rocks etc, I’ve always said I never fancied it. Ok, so you can call me a wuss – see my dislike of skiing!  I’ve never been adventurous.  So those now say, you’re at the time of life when you can take on new challenges. New experiences.  Yup, definately but not this sort.  I’m looking to more cerebral challenges, eg joining the Trachtenfrauen , publishing my books, planning our new B&B (well dreaming).  So no, I rest calm, I don’t need to do this to define myself,  I’ve no desire to be terrified. I’ve donated the trip to another entrant.


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