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The Lottery ticket

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June 2011!

We believe that God wants to prosper us – and of course that’s more than money, its Biblical and is so true for our lives here.  Andrew Wommack   has been talking lately about not limiting God and I’ve been trying to take it all in.  Dave and I have a vision of buying the flat next door and turning it into a B&B where we can offer free holidays to those in need, and we’ve been trying hard to imagine this running -well that’s easy, it’s the how we can’t see, so we’re just focusing on seeing the finished product!

 But I feel we’re getting little hints of how he works things for us.   I found a lottery ticket in Tamsweg and checked on the Internet and found it was worth 5 euros.  I felt maybe that I should go and hand it in, after all I hadn’t paid the price for the ticket. Honesty was making me want to do the right thing. Then I thought well the girl behind the desk will just take the money for herself.   Dave said maybe I should just put it in the church collection. This I did, only to find out afterwards he meant cash it and then put the money in!  I admit  I was trying to avoid having to explain my find, and the language problem,I  didn’t want  to feel stupid.  Maybe I was wrong and someone had gone to the desk to ask if it had been found -would you if you lost a ticket, I suppose you can prove it if you have regular numbers ? Maybe I’ve caused more confusion than God meant in my weakness. Still, we’ve just heard we’re getting a rebate on our electricity bill and I found a euro on the ground at Lois’s………


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