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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

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One of us has met Royalty!

Sat here in Austria, just a tad remote from all the festivities had me pondering again about Nationality and stuff.  I’ve always been a Monarchist, and especially when Paggy starts on – he’s just jealous because Austria got shot of their lot! We watched all the river pageant and will do all the other things too I expect – thank heavens for Sky news giving such a good coverage.  It got on the Austrian TV too but it was just the same footage but in German!

I remember  the Silver Jubilee, I was living in Fareham,Hampshire in digs because I had started Prices sixth form college  in anticipation of a house move but it had fallen through. It was huge fun and I ran amok!  We went and saw the fleet review but it wasnt as impressive as yesterday, a load of boats on the horizon! Still we had parties and a barn dance at home in Martyr Worthy.  Didn’t register on my teenage consciousness that much!

So here am I, at 52, watching the Queen from another country and feeling as patriotic as ever.  When we have been here ten years apparently we must take up Austrian Citizenship though I’m not 100%sure this is so.  I don’t think I’ll ever be Austrian.  The language separation is too great and I’ve always England and the kids at the edge of my consciousness.  Dave and I spent yesterday doing exactly the same stuff as we’d do in England, visiting a Museum, eating out and going for a stroll. So what difference does it make where we live?  Dave quite rightly pointed out that as a couple we’ve never felt part of any community, we didn’t fit in on our Council estate and we certainly are outsiders here, maybe that’s just how are.   We hear so much on the media about the UK, and when I take my Rosy tinted glasses off, I wonder could I live in a land so filled with Political correctness that it seems you can’t open your mouth any more?  In a land where Christians are so discriminated against, for smaller sections of society?  Where a Church is so weak it does nothing to stop this?

I think for now at least, I’ll put my Austrian Rosy glasses on and stay here, while being proud to be English and of my Queen.

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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