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Sometimes you just have a good day!

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One of my entries for the Photo competition

May 223rd

Some days at home drive me to distraction, others are ok, but last Monday was a great day.  I began with my mediation and prayers, I’ve found such a good book, it’ll be reviewed soon.  Its ‘Meditate and Declare by Lyn Dehnke, details will follow!

I then took to the net and was amazed by how many hits and Pingbacks I had on my first attempt at the Weekly photo challenge, hosted by and I found some great new blogs to follow. I had a list of subjects to write blogs about and I actually did them all.

Dave came home at lunchtime with a load of compost, and it stopped raining, so I spent quite some time planting out my geraniums into containers on the terrace, and putting pea sticks in, most satisfying.  It began to drizzle again so they all got a good drink. 

Then Lizzie came over, a friend ad found a Golden retriever wandering up on Schonfeld, and it befriended her Collie.  This lady is a nurse and has a dog sitter, but who can’t cope with two dogs.  So Lizzie and I are going to be dog sitters when needed, Mega!  Dave didn’t argue either!

Then I went and planted Paggy’s replacement Cucumbers for him, and took his bin bag down the lane -such a buzz when you can help someone.

I was just sorting out my entry for the local photography competition about the river Mur, when there was a knock at the door. Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They had imported a lad from Klagenfurt who spoke fluent English.  Couldnt resist the challenge and I out talked them again, they actually said they had to leave -hahahahahaha!

I entered my photos for the competition, and then poor Dave was late back from work, but he took me over to the Holiday flat to close up after the visitors -such kindness.  What a day!


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