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Prayer meetings

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One of the bonuses or maybe problems with the Christian life are prayer meetings.  Most are great, you can feel in your sprit that he’s there, and you’re on the right track, and you can feel the engulfing love. 

Others are a bit drier!  Why is it people have to adopt this special prayer voice?  I try to just talk as normal, but with the right words.  Of course, I find this difficult in German, but maybe it stops me going on too long.  I can sense when I should try because the words come, not necessarily grammatically correct, but he knows. There’s firstly the problem with who goes first, this can lead to a long silence, then you sit there thinking, have I got to say something, are they waiting for me to speak before we all open our eyes? What do you do when everyone beats you to your topic or you run out of ideas?   Then there’s the serrupticious peeking at what the others are doing.  Then the shuffle and the little cough to try and alert someone everyone else is finished.  Then you sit in silence as you wait. 

Last night was priceless. We kept on stopping and starting, then one of the cats walked in.  He proceeded to chirrup and make noises.  He was fed and then evicted, while we all pretended it was not a problem.  Funny, no one ever discusses the prayer after – hey you gave good prayer there, or what did you mean?  Especially when the prayers are more spelling it out for the listeners, e.g., so and so’s family has this problem. God knows all this stuff, don’t waffle.  As I was first to leave, I found out why the cat was shouting.  He just caught another of the newly bought Goldfish that had just been put in the new pond and left it on the doorstep for all to see!

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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