So where's the snow?

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Garden time -what the Iceman did

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As I write on the 19th, the weather has finally warmed and hopefully we’ve seen the last of the nasty frosts.  We’ve never been so zapped before, it got three of the tomatoes and both the cucumbers and they were fleeced in the greenhouse.  The Beetroot and Sprouts aren’t too chuffed either.  He even got the hedge.

Now we have to decide whether to re-buy of just lop off the damage, there’s such a short growing season here that I feel we’ll never get any crops.  Maybe next week I can plant out the sweet corn.  All the neighbours thinks we’re nuts – I expect so!

Look at my latest acquisition, it was bought in Czechoslovakia for me by a friend’s family after I’d admired theirs.  It was only 35 Euros – £20?.  So much work and it spins.  Maybe it is kitsch but I love it, now I only have the problem of finding it a suitable position!


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