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Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

The Char lady

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I’ve felt for ages, that as a cleaner, I’m a member of a great celebrated group, of us ladies ‘who do’.  I always say hello to a fellow cleaner when we’re out and about, and also see how well its done!!!  Have you noticed how often its the cleaning lady who gives a vital clue in detective stories/series like Columbo?   We’re almost like a secret society!!

Last week, I really felt like it was time to don my spotted pinny, curlers and scarf, hitch up me boobs and grimace in a way that would overjoy Les dawson and Roy Kinnear.  One house, the lady spent the whole time on her computer result, no coffee!  HUH!  Second house she was away and kindly sent a text, but could I find the coffee – she’ got one of those wasteful machines that takes those horrible little capsules – give me instant any day!  So I ate two bananas instead!  I think there should be a  law about always giving your cleaning lady tea or coffee, maybe I should start a Union……….


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