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Paggy’s Home

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Stripey Lungau

For all you Paggy fans, I’m pleased to announce he’s home.  After three weeks in hospital, a chest infection, a kidney infection not to mention the diabetic coma he’s home and back to normal. 

Dave had remarked that we needed to get all the jobs at the front of the house done, so we could work in peace, as shown as when the wood delivery arrived.  It had come early so instead of having it put right in front of the shed door because it was only a couple of metres, it was over the yard as usual.  It was Friday, and it was already 6.30, so no way were we doing it then and there, so we fetched a tarpaulin.  Voice yells, it’s going to rain get a move on and it’ll be done by seven.  I told him in no uncertain terms we were covering it, so he quoted some proverb at me about lazy people,so I went back to covering the heap. Dave asked why we were ever worried about him!

A couple of days later we went for a visit – he’s now getting daily care, which maybe means the doorkey issue may not arise if his health is checked up on, he wont get in a coma a gain.  The stubborn old bugger isn’t going to give anyone a key, it’s a shame his insurance will pay for the broken window, he might think differently if he had a large bill!  He told us he now has to have diabetic injections, and the doctor has told him not to drink beer as there’s too much sugar.  His response – to drink a smaller bottle.  He’s been told a little wine is ok, but he needs his beer.  He’s looking very thin, but maybe that’s down to hospital food, and he had a fall when he came home twisting his knee – poor old git!


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