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Kissing Adrien by Siri L. Mitchell

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I like to find books that are nicely romantic, but each time a little different or quirky.  I immediately liked the Paris location and the brother/sister relationship between Adrien and Claire which changes and grows.   I did find the beginning a bit slow because I was impatient to find out about the flat, and for me there was a bit too much information about Paris, which some of you will just love.

Then there was a church scene which I thought a bit wooden, but it grew on me.  Adrien and Claire have some really good conversations on God and life as he tries to show her there is another side to her world. 

I read one review which disliked Adrien’s God talks, because he said that being a Christian enabled him to be more himself than he ever had.  The reviewer said this is unbiblical as our goal is to be more like Jesus.  Technically agree, he is our goal.  But define Jesus – he went to parties, got angry, frustrated, travelled a lot (Yes I know I’m being shallow).  But knowing the truth of Jesus, truly sets you free.  From the bondage of the world, the oppression of sin, you have the gifts of the spirit, such as peace and joy, and so we are free to become the people he created us to be, free from any damage or oppression.  If we set about trying to be Jesus, we will fail because we are human, and while our spirit is newly created, we are still stuck in this body and with our soul full of worldly thinking, we can try to be like Jesus, but its only when we go to be with him that perfection comes.  Oooh, I feel better for that!!!!!!

There  was also a bit about how you present yourself and enjoy your life and it was as if she was speaking to me – such a grumpy frump, and I felt taken to task. Claire has a similar lack of self-awareness, that I’m becoming  too, so I really warmed to her.  I’ll read this book again and look for more of Siri’s works.

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