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Birds again!


Photo of ‘Stripe’ the Great Tit, closest I could get. Maybe its a genetic thing as I’ve noticed that a lot of the Great Tits don’t have a complete black crown. I’ve just realised I’m not going to win birdwatcher of the year, Stripe’s a coal tit -blush, blush,blush!

My Siskin/Serin KNOWS I’m trying to take its photo!

For Josie, I’m not so sure now if this is a Marsh or a Willow tit, and can’t understand why they seem to like it so much here, ok, we’ve plenty of water, but I would have thought it too cold!


4 thoughts on “Birds again!

  1. I confused a Great Tit with a Cole Tit as well 🙂


    • Thanks, I’m so glad I’m not alone! I’m at the moment watching my garden sparrows who are still attacking the fat balls as if they’re starved, most strange! Love your web site!


  2. So sorry its taken me so long to reply. I thought of you at the weekend as I noticed a great tit on a feeder I was watching had a little white on the back of its head. Not a full on stripe like the one above but a definite white mark, so could be possible that you have some too? Its funny but I’ve been looking at the back of the head of every Great Tit I see and actually quite a few of them have that funny mark.

    As for the Marsh/Willow Tit conundrum I honestly have no idea. At home its easy as I know that in Hampshire it is very unlikely to be Willow, so I can safely assume Marsh. In Austria, I’m not so sure!


    • I’ve come to the conclusion that in fact, the stipey bird I photo’d is a Coal Tit and I now feel very Stupid! But saying that the Grest Tits do have different caps! Most of my birds have moved on now the weather has improved, but I’ve got a family of Greenfinches who are insisting I continue with a few sunflower seeds! I had a real buzz yesterday when I startled a family of four Dippers by the river Mur,with Mum trying to feed as they took off, they were incredibly noisy too!


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