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A week at the Beach by Virginia Jewel

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I must admit to being completely shallow and downloaded the book because I liked the cover. I did think maybe this is going to be a rich bitch sex romp type thing and was ready to put it down.    It does appear to start that way, but no, while Chrissy lives well to the stereotype, Cami while seemingly a hanger-on, is not.

What I loved is the simplicity of the tale, although some might say its a bit understated and slightly lacking in depth, but it reminds me in essence of the Barbara Pymm books (that dates me), in that in its straightforwardness, you can sit and be carried along, enjoying the dialogue (which it majors in) and in the simplicity enjoy.

Cami has all the heroine’s typical traits of being self unaware,  and moves to a new awareness of her past and how her life has been.  I don’t think Nick changed particularly, but he was always strong, after what he had overcome.  Oh, its so difficult not to write a spoiler!

The reviews I’ve read seem to echo what I’m saying too! I feel the book description for me is a bit overstated, but a good sales pitch!  Enjoy!

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