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Mummydaddy by Jeremy Howe

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I don’t usually go for books about death and grief, but the story caught my eye.  How do you cope when a beloved partner is murdered?  So often in the press you hear of people who form support groups, push court cases and make shrines to their loved ones as either a coping mechanism or an un-coping mechanism, so I was interested to see how someone grieved especially with small children.

It was good that the narrative is framed through the perspective of now, how the girls have grown up and Jeremy has moved on.  Yet he writes about the agony of his loss as if it were yesterday and all his reactions through the first few months and years are fresh.  There’s no rosy tinted-ness either, he depicts his love, how she was with a clear sightedness and honesty which keeps you hooked to the tale.

Jeremy does find an end to his grieving, a unique closure, which perhaps many people do not get, such as when a murderer is not found or convicted, or the disease conquers.  His strength builds through the story, and this held me until the end. I guess the book could help anyone going through the same situation, but as a read, it was gripping through its sadness iand hope


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