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Easter reflections and more decisions!

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I am going to blog about the PCC and Bible group, as God seems to be giving me this time to write and I have this urge to do so, having more than once given it all back to him,  But I will write it from my point of view, and seek just to glorify God with it. Last week, we had a great discussion on forgiveness and being a Living sacrifice.  I knew the Catholic Bible is different to the Protestant but didn’t know it had so many extra books, I’ll have to get a copy and have a read.

I’m going to do more book reviews which seem to be popular.  Tom has sold…….0 copies so I’ve put it on  Kindle select which means it’ll be free for several days, plug, plug. plug.  I just want it read!

April 1st  was Palm Sunday, marked with these Palm bushes made from coloured paper and Pussy Willow (Palmweide). There were church processions with some even having kids riding on donkeys, one in the snow! Still at least people can celebrate their faith here, none of this  worrying about offending people!   Good Friday is only a day off if you’re Protestant here, Dave will no doubt work though! The kids have just been around with the football rattles to scare away the bad spirits, poor blighters are out in the pouring rain andhave to go round the whole village and come back tomorrow for sweets and a reciting of prayers. Like most of Europe, people are colouring boiled eggs, and on Sunday will do this bashing them together before eating them, at least they’re not so bad for the Cholesterol these days!

The Lungau is full of these traditions over the Easter weekend, some of which seem to be more Pagan than Christina. We had a good chat last night at Bible Group at how the traditions have taken over the meaning, is this any different from losing the meaning due to commercialisation?


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