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Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog



Another EAGALA training pic

One of the fundamental things about moving here was a strong belief that God had his hand on this and wants us here. It showed in how quickly the house was sold when we found this place, having a strongly Christian neighbour, meeting a Christian Estate agent and so on and so forth.  Yet when we arrived, so proud of being here for God and what does he want us to do, only to find it was nothing.  I needed these five years to read the Bible and get to know God and be made useable – hence Erna and the Burg.  I’m not there by any means, but I’ve moved on.

So when I joined a new Bible group in Tamsweg it was with a sense of at last, here we go, out of the desert.  The group is young and we need to take off the gravecloths of the old (John 11, v44) in the looking back of the failings of the older established churches and move on.  I’m also on the PCC, and that has been an eye opener, and from that, I’m beginning to see the possibility of my work here and a way out of the darkness.

My dilemma is this, should I fully blog these experiences and risk offending, pass on stuff others would wish remain private  or chronicle the start of something new and wonderful in Lungau in a general way which might miss the finer detail?

What would you do?

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

2 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. The question is what does God want you to do? Follow Him.


  2. …only blog yourself and your own progress


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