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One of my Birthday presents was two CDs by a group called Hustler. Now these guys toured and recorded in the 70s and were support for Queen on one of the numerous times I saw them live. I had the albums but lacked the gear before we left England to record them.  So I was thrilled to be able to hear them again.  However, its a shame that little care was taken in producing the CDs, one track isn’t listed, and another seems thave disapeared.  I looked for more information on the group on the net, but drew a blank. 

‘Out, out, get outa my house’, you’d better take your trenchcoat too,no daughter of mine’s going out with an ‘Ippy, or a scruffy little bleeder like you!

I was rocketed straight back into the 70s. The music is full of what I’d call stereotypes of the rock music of the times – long guitar breaks, impassioned lyrics about love, clichés, ‘breaking up is hard to do…….Take a train or a midnight plane’. Funky bits from the keyboard,  and going in-between fast and slow.  nevertheless, Steve Haines the lead singer has one of those sexy husky voices, brill.  I was straight back to my bedroom with the Queen posters on the walls, finding the album Highstreet in Winchester market, going to see Queen in their early days when Freddie had long hair and tight suits, it all rushed back, even the lyrics of Night Creeper had me feeling the haunting of some lost teenage love.  I will now play the CDs until I’m sick of them!

It was like when I was shopping in Europark and I saw a dress like my pink corduroy tiered one I bought for £3 in Topshop and got up to all sorts of mischief in (nuff said), for an instant I was back there.  Not that I want to live in the past.  It just has me reflecting on memories and how deeply they can be buried but when triggered again can be as deep as the original. I could even remember a good deal of the lyrics. Nostalgia!


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Interesting story. I saw Queen once – live in Hyde park. Nostalgia, thing of the past.


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