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Retail Therapy

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Not shopping

I decided that I wanted a shopping trip for my Birthday treat this year, so off the Europark near Salzburg we trotted!  It has a big Ikea and a standard mall.  Maybe I’m going native, rusticated or losing my English roots, I don’t know.  We often went shopping in Southampton before we left, Stef and I doing the Primark, New look, Virgin stores – crumbs I don’t mean to do product placement here!   It was an afternoon out but to do it too often meant  it lost it’s thrill.  After years of being skint when the children were little, it was so good to be able to afford new clothes.

So now as I walked into the mall, first to hit me was the air-conditioned air,smelling of well, I supposed people and new stuff!  It was glamour and colour and so busy compared to home. All those people too, girls on their Saturday afternoon giggle around the stores, young couples – some of the men with that glazed look already, some young love,  a few erm older couples and families.  I wanted to people watch and wonder who and what their lives were like.  Then the shops, so brightly lit, but actually I was in window shopping mode and was happy just to look.  I ended up in Claire’s and there were so many new packets of loudly coloured earrings, I regretfully decided I couldn’t decide and went out with none – I could have spent a fortune. I think earrings are my major vice, but I fiddle with them  and lose them – usually under Dave’s’  bare feet!   We went to Ikea and I managed to go through the cushions ( had a bit of a fad with them after we bought the new three-piece suite and drove Dave nuts), but halted at the quilts, which we’d been wittering on about for ages. We bought a huge king size quilt and wish we’d done so earlier, however much one yanks it off the other, there’s still plenty left. 

Then after a few hours, the dry air and bright lights got to me.  We’d looked at DVDs, books, cds, but I found nothing, yet I was satisfied as we made our way home.  The next major trip will be London at Christmas when my shopping advisor (Stef) will organise my mother of the groom outfit. It was enough retail therapy for me – Tamsweg will do till then!


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