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Lake Bled, Slovenia

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I was recently blessed with a trip to visit lake Bled with some friends.  We’d always heard from folks how near this place was, but we’ve never explored south of us and now I think its time!  Whenever we think of this country, we think of the time we were staying in Essex and two typical Essex girls were in our pub, laughing with their mates and talking about when they were going on holiday to ‘Slovey’ not to mention those  wind breaking Slitheenian aliens (well it sounds a bit like) on Dr Who! Didn’t see any of them there though!

It took just as long to get there on the motorway as it does to Salzburg,  and as Austrian motorways are hardly congested compared to English ones, it’s no hassle to drive.  The lake itself is smaller than Zell am See but just as pretty, especially as there is an island in the middle. There are gondolas and water buses to take you there.  On this trip we just walked around the edge, enjoying the warm sunshine and the spring air – so warm and balmy compared to home. There were even primulas and small anemones in flower. The architecture is so different form Austria and as we went round I had to restrict my photo taking, maybe sometimes its better to not take the camera at all! 

We had cafe and sandwiches in the sun – funny menu, the names were translated oddly, as in the tuna one was Miss Fish!  We didn’t try the local vanilla and cream cake expecting to get some later on but the last cafe we went to didn’t sell it!  There were so many Slovenian families with kids and prams all enjoying the afternoon sun, it was good to think that normal family life continues in this world, despite all the pressures  today.

There is also a Burg by the lake, a brand new rowing centre  and we spotted a large building looking like something from the second world war with a viaduct  leading to it. When we got closer, it was a cafe and behind was a terrace, but  it was a huge climb so we left it.  This side of the lake had a walk with lights and a formal wall, that reminded me of the walk up from Swanage to Durlston, and I could see the gentry of the Slovenian Victorian days taking their Sunday stroll here much as we are still doing.

The town has been a tourist centre for a long time and there are many hotels and casinos. So much to go back and see, including the working farms which you can visit. So I guess, Dave and I will head back for a longer look maybe we could have our summer holiday in the area…..


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