So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

Waiting on God and people and life and………………

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Time to let go of all this?

As I’ve blithered on before, I’ve been praying and waiting on God to sort out my work situation.  As in James 1, v 5-8, I will not be a wave tossed by the sea in my disbelief, but boy, is this becoming a struggle.  Desperation keeps on creeping in and I have to fight and tussle with it.  Things are changing, people doing things and my job will arrive, God has answered it just needs people to do their stuff!   It’s also about patience too.  I’m only giving it a voice now so that  maybe someone else may benefit in some way from reading this!  It seems I’m not alone if you look at the related articles at the foot of this blog.

Last night I had my day planned out, some finishing touches on my book for Kindle, some emails, ironing for the holiday flat and as its a day at home, a good work out on the cross trainer! How quickly has the day of peace I had on Tuesday because I was tired turn into feeling like a caged bear!  Yet this morning  I’ve even managed to read my Bible and pray before I did anything , which is an achievement as I usually breakfast and haul logs first.  ( Has anyone else ever been so completely blown away by John 1 v1-5 that they’ve just ground to a halt in amazement?).  Then desperation kicked in, its like a plague and I will not have it.  I’ll do any part time job, but there just isn’t anything here at the moment. If it wasnt for the horse work possibility, I’d be looking for full-time – maybe it is time for it to stop this. Or is it that my most important work for God is with the PCC and what I do otherwise doesn’t matter?  I can’t really afford to do the EAGALA training I’m due to do at the end of the month.  Yet it was just like this last year, February maybe is a dead month work wise. There is the spectre of having to going back to the Burg too…………

Oh blah blah blah blah, I’m going to go and hit the Crosstrainer  and release some endorphins and maybe listen to Andrew Wommack too!


One thought on “Waiting on God and people and life and………………

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