So where's the snow?

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Snow storms

We recently had a visit from my son and his fiance, Hi George and Michelle! It was fanastic to catch up with them and their wedding plans.  It’s all so exciting, I’ve never been a Mother-in Law before, I’ll need to get the turban and the heated rollers out!

When they arrived, the Lungau did its best and had a blizzard as I met them at the  railway platform at Madling.  It then chucked it down overnight making about 15 inches – I guess.  So of course the next morning, Linda had her shovel sharpened by dawn, not omitting the fact she had been clearing the snow in near darkness the previous night!  So poor George and Michelle got mustered into the new AustroEnglish snow shovelling team.  With four of us we cleared it in about an hour!  The Red Cross lady came while we were busy, doing Paggy’s pills or something, and got her car stuck at the bottom of the lane. So we went and dug and pushed, but it was only when we hailed the Council tractor driver that we shifted it with his extra energy.  We decided as we had done a good deed for the day we could be horrible for the rest of it!

The weather was changing though, and by the afternoon we were having whirlwinds and blasts of wind that looked like snow storms in the valley – we went up to Prebersee, but at that height branches were coming down and the snow was covered in leaves, we beat a retreat and had a bevvy with  Paggy instead! I guess that set the joke for the trip, all we tried was shut. The  Gunsterwaterfalls, Burg Mauterndorf, even when we went to the Diktlerhutte, the way through the woods was shut.  We did suspect it was due to avalanche danger, but followed someone elses prints, I did feel a bit dumb when the Landlady said the path was dangerous! 

Still we made up for it on Sunday, when we went to Lokwelt in Freilassing, close to Salzburg, and had a great time looking at the trains. Funny for a railway museum, there was no cafe, I can only surmise that where they have many special events there, they have catering and beer stands outside.  We then went to Salzburg itself and a treat for me, I had a Macdonald’s!!!!!  We then went up the Big Burg that dominates the city, using the railcar and it was so good to have a day with something open.

All this had me musing, when the kids were younger and we had family holidays, I’d spend ages researching and working out places to visit – I must have driven folks nuts. This time, I had only the vaguest of ideas, and nothing really set, Dave moaned too last time we had folks here and I had walks planned. Have I chilled too much these days, have I lost the Bossiness, and need to recapture it, not at the old level, but somewhere in-between?

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  1. Dave moaned? Curse the Type A personality! 🙂 HA HA HA!!!


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