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Icestockshiessen again!

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My stock, for a short while in winning position!

We recently had another go at the skittles, this time down at the local pub. We took with us the old stock belonging to the family who lived here before us, I felt it was in a way continuing a tradition.  It chucked it down with snow, but no one took any notice.  This time we had the usual tournament as well as a pole across the alley where you had to knock down numbers and your total was added up for your team.  Great fun.  Then we had a traditional lunch in the pub with Semmenknoedel, ham and sauerkraut, and schnaps to end. 

This time though, it was our local village organising the bash and they are reinstating this after about 20 years to try to encourage the community spirit.  Lots of people said hello to us, but they mostly knew exactly who we were as soon as we opened our mouths!  All seemed  almost surprised we were there but pleased.  When we sat to eat, as usual (for us) we got the drunk next to us who spoke broad dialect.  There was a certain amount of laughter  and joke making when we didn’t understand something, but the spirit was so friendly and it was just so nice to feel part of our community, we had a ball.  I chatted with the Trachtenfrauen lady and they’re going to have a rummage for something for me to wear at the first parade in June.   When  the awards were given, they said at first we were guests, then corrected it to Ramingsteiners, maybe we’re at last beginning to be accepted!

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