So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

More snow and last chance to vote on Sunday, please tell your friends!

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Snowy day

Unbelievable, we’ve had another foot of snow!  That much wasn’t forecast, and it came down during the day when I was at home, I can watch snow falling until I’m blue in the face!  So of course, Linda couldn’t wait until it stopped snowing and was out there at 8.30, meaning when it stopped at about 3 we were out there doing it all again. But I got all the shovelling points as I was out there before her in the afternoon, the first time this year!  The weather now is still cold, regularly -15, and Linda says even in the ‘old days’ when Lungau was regularly the Siberia of Austria, it never lasted as long as it has now. Then we went to get the Holiday flat ready, and found there was no water, all the pipes in the cellar were frozen, and after we had warmed it a bit with a heater , the meter burst forth with water.  Hence we had to get the plumbers, who arrived punctually, were polite, worked well, and in two and a half hours got every pipe moving – phew.  It never occurred to us the pipes would freeze!  Duh!

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