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Birdwatching mysteries, what’s up?


A surprise visitor in 2009, the resident birds hid for days!

As I’ve said, my pet vultures, usually called sparrows are a great source of interest to me.  Through the past five winters I’ve watched the population grow, and they hang around here most of the year, except for a pause in the summer, no doubt on their holidays up on the Alms.  We have a resident population of Blue tits, Black headed tits and Marsh tits, and the cutest Long tailed tits arrive each winter. However this winter something is up.

Anyone know what this is?

We had the long, late, hot autumn and the birds were definitely late in returning to the garden and the feeder. The main groups didn’t even appear with the first snow but later on.  Even now in late January, we are missing most of the usual birds, one Chaffinch, no Greenfinches, Bramblings, Siskins or even Woodpeckers.   Did the hot autumn break their feeding and migration patterns, or even cause them not to feed up enough for winter?  I cant see why they would stay in the mountains with the amount of snow we’ve got! Our cat population hasn’t increased and I’ve been feeding Sunflower and Hemp seeds, peanuts and a couple of fat ballsbird feed  here is far more restricted than in England. I abandoned the local mixed food as the vultures just chucked it on the ground, hemp seeds are smaller and guzzled! 

What’s happened, is this a Europe wide thing?  Anyone else noticed? 

6 thoughts on “Birdwatching mysteries, what’s up?

  1. We’ve got green parakkets flying around our park all year round.


  2. I can’t tell you what happened: in my feeder I see almost the same species as last year… If you still wondering what bird is on the second picture, it’s probably the Eurasian Wryneck 🙂


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