So where's the snow?

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More snow to come?


One of my favouritest photos I've taken lately!

We’ve had a bit of a respite from the endurance snow shovelling for the past few days. I’ve seen extreme shovelling on roofs on tv  but I don’t think I’ll go for that!  Our little Hof has  streaks in the snow, maybe it needs a new covering. Some people have said we’ll get a metre this weekend, others that it’ll rain, but there’s a great big cloud heading our way at the moment!  The council has been along with a snow blower and cleared the huge heaps that have built up on our lane.  It still tickles me pink to see snow being moved around in lorries, something I’ve never seen in the UK, I find it bizarre!

We’ve been Langlaufing again, but it was so windy that the  tracks were covered in drifts.  We joined the Loipe near the Dikler Hut, but because you need to cross a bridge to get to the start,  we had to wade through deep snow and the slots other people had made, our footprints sank deep and made the slots difficult to stay in for others.  When we reached the Loipe was decided to pretend it wasn’t us if asked who wrecked the way in.!

We’ve been rebuilding the front room for the new sofas. The delivery lorry from XXXLutz arrived and tried to reverse up our drive which is a sharp bend on a small hill.  Result skidding truck and Paggy leaning out the window  yelling instructions at the guys to reverse the truck who ignored him.. They sensibly stopped and carried the stuff a short way up the lane rather than try to get in our Hof – Paggy shut his window in disgusted at being ignored!

I found my job at Burg Finstergruen advertised on the AMS website, and rang to ask if it was and so I confirmed I’m not going back. Maybe now I can move forward. I still havent quite got it in my head that I’ll never work with Erna again, or try to clean those loos.  Job hunting is not going anywhere.  I’ve the chalets in St Martin but three hours a week aint enough! The only option is a job in a shop – but who’ll take me on when I say I wont work for ten days in February because we have visitors and I’m away in Germany doing some EAGALA training? Edith and I are going to write to lots of local charities and firms to see if they will pledge amounts for us to do therapy and teach riding. If I get enough, I could survive on this, that’s my dream!


3 thoughts on “More snow to come?

  1. This really is a nice photo!


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