So where's the snow?

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Birdwatching in Austria


Hard work this birdwatching!

Having no house pet at present means I have  proxy pets in the birds in my garden. I’ve got a table just beyond the kitchen window and have enjoyed so many new species – especially Long tailed tits who visit us.  We’ve even had a hawk stop by one day, all our birds took to cover!  Mostly I have field sparrows and tits of all varieties. The number went down when we chopped down the big pine where they must have hidden.  Even so, this year has been odd. The late snow and warm autumn means I’ve had far less birds visiting, and certainly not the variety.  No chaffinches, greenfinches or even the flocks of  Bramblings. Yesterday when it snowed, none were at the table at all.

Purely by chance, I heard on the TV that the 6th was birdwatching day here in Austria.  Nothing like the UK with well made adverts, publishing addresses and the website.  Here it was, you’ll get all the details, look for yourself, completely crap advertising if you ask me – surely ORF could have put the address on the bottom of the screen and done it earlier?  It was the day before it was due to take place! Maybe people just aint so interested.  I did my stint and on the website, I have seen all of three people in the Lungau took part! Even in the area around Vienna only 80 people took part.  How could this be representative?  Or is it just a cultural difference?


2 thoughts on “Birdwatching in Austria

  1. I enjoy reading about your life in Austria. Thanks for sharing!


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