So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

So how’s 2012 so far??????

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Snow caterpillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We began the New Year as imagined watching Andy Borg on the TV, but were dozing off by 11, what a pair of boring old gits.  So we were then woken by our neighbour having a huge firework display in his garden, very kind of him.  We watched from the kitchen window with great pleasure!

Of course, in Austria there’s no November 5th- not too tactful to celebrate burning a Catholic, but New year is fireworks.  They are sold from table tops in some of the local firms, no locking up, and a lot of them are illegally imported.  Some are larger than a mortar bomb and sound accordingly. You can even buy special children fireworks in packs of small sparklers and so on.  Then the news complains that the rate of injuries is up 100% on last year, before New came in!

I’ve been back to help Lois with feeding the horses in the morning as his grooms on holiday.  Funny after all I said, I really didn’t want to do it and before felt quite a depression.  It wasn’t too bad, he was actually quite polite to me, and now I’ve got the run of things he leaves me too it, which is better than when he tries to boss around and gets in a bad temper.  Yet, I still cant get the amount of hay right, it’s always too much or too little. I’ll be soo glad when Gabriel returns! I took one of my girls for a ride out in the snow, it was just so good to be out riding again!  The therapy work has ground to a halt, but we’re waiting to hear f we get more funding for next year. I wonder, knowing Lois, that no I’m back in his paramaters, he’ll be calling me again to work for him -hmmmmm.

I’ve started the new job, which turns out to be just 2 or 3 hours a go, each shift is just cleaning through one chalet.  With a hoover.  No soda but modern cleaning materials.  And friendly people.  I was advising them how to tell some one they have a nice bum in Englis!  It may work out, but at the moment is just too few hours.  I still have to find something that covers the basic bills, and tell the Burg I’m not going back!

Not to mention shift a nasty cough.  Dave seems to be having the same sickness bug I had at Christmas , can they take 10 days to incubate?  Ah well, bestest is that George and Michelle are here in February!  Not to mention that I now live in complete luxury, never having to be without something to read again, wish I’d got a Kindle sooner!  The biggest problem is not downloading too many books at once!


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