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Therapy Horses

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Before Edith and I began our work, I had quite some issues about how to justify working in Equine Assisted Therapy, when I felt that God wanted me to work for him in some way.  Ok, so he created horses, and they’re his gift to us, and they have a unique place in our society through domestication.  They need to understand us to survive.  However, I recently read an article which I cant credit because its anonymous, but the gist is as follows.

Our two Icelandic therapists

This woman is a therapist and says that even most spiritually resistant people open their hearts and minds working with the horses when they experience a moment of wonder with the them as they suddenly understand something about themselves or gain an insight into their behaviour.  She believes that horses are equipped to carry God’s message as we are, through the unconditional forgiveness and tenderness they can give to an aching soul. God has made another way to express his love and character to his wounded ones. 

That’s it! What I’ve been trying to pinpoint.  As I read further, one client said, ‘each day I go back and work with the horses, and despite how I may have been mean or rough to them, they are there again, all forgiven and forgotten,without judgement.  Horses are in the here and now, and react to us accordingly.  This is why I want to work with in this therapy, to show people God’s unconditional love through the relationship with a horse.

It also struck me that ok, you can say this of any animal.  But looking at domesticated ones, cats are aloof and use you and dogs are childlike and subservient. Horses have dignity and love, which is perhaps they are more like God than other animals.  They serve and give sometimes to death.


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