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I don’t know whether I’m alone in having a special place in my heart for all the houses I’ve lived in.  The house in Christchurch Road in Winchester, where I was born has a very special place. In our day it was called Shannon House, but now is known as Bolton Lodge, but I thought they lived next door!  It deserves a blog of its own which will come.  My point in writing now is to reflect on changing times. When we left Winchester, I never went back to the house, but certainly drive past it every time we are there.  I’ve had it’s ‘for sale’ details, but that had only an external picture. I lived here for the first ten years of my life, then it was Priory Cottage in Martyr Worthy, but this house have I less memories of, maybe because I was hitting teenage the years we were there.  There were other houses my mother lived in, but they never became part of me as they weren’t my home, in fact when I came back from Switzerland I didn’t know where I lived!  When Dave and I were first married it was Little Marsh Lodge, near Beaulieu, for six years, during which our kids were born and then Chaffinch Close in New Milton.  This was a council house which we moved into as its very first tenants, here the kids grew up and we eventually bought it and then sold it to move here. 

Our garden 2002

The point of this?  As I said, I’ve never returned to Christchurch Road, but due to the Internet, I’ve seen the selling details for Chaffinch Close and have even seen what the rooms look like now.  So I’ve shamelessly nicked the pictures off the net! I suppose I’d better not put the indoor pictures on.  Suffice to say, after all my kids said about our kitchen, no one has replaced the units!


 Our kitchen had the kid’s pictures all over the units and my shelves were filled with decorative plates and we hung our Christmas cards on the edges, this has  turned into something more orderly but to my eyes less homely.  Our sitting room which was full of books is now a pale uncluttered catalogue piece, with the telly in front of the window, never thought that would work! Maybe we were just messy or they have dressed the house to sell – which we had to do too, I now have an allergy to magnolia paint!


In the garden you can see the trellis and bird box Dave put up, and our cherry tree, not much has been done.  They’ve even left the Ivy which Dave kept trimmed grow up the wall over the roof – it’ll wreck the tiles.  My kids look at the house every time they go past it in the train (the line is at the bottom of the garden), maybe they’ve caught something from me!


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