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A Christmas tea party


The hamlet of Madling, circa 1960

I’ve been wanting to do something to get to know the neighbours a bit better and this year felt I really had to get my act together.  In our small hamlet are eight houses although our is a block of flats, and we’ve found our neighbours cautiously friendly over the years.  Our lack of German -well Lungauerish,  probably was the barrier.  So I set about making far too many mince pies (imported filling) and Christmas cakes but it filled the time. I gave everyone a written invite, and waited for the day.

 The old couple over the road didn’t come because they had argued with the father of their immediate neighbours and he has been accused by Paggy of nicking stuff from his house when he was in Germany.  Paggy wouldn’t come for the same reason – and he’d have to put decent clothes on.  Probably just as well, I didn’t fancy separating warring pensioners.  In the end all the others turned up, except for one husband whose brother lives across the Thomotalerbach because they have fallen out.  What a warring place Madling must once have been! They all brought presents, which I didn’t really expect and we had to explain again to a couple just why we’re here. Then the discussion was general as they pitched into and enjoyed the English food.  At times Dave and I were slightly gooseberries but it was ok.  Surprisingly, none wanted a drink but drank fruit tea. Paggy has said he heard they all enjoyed it, I never expected to get 9 people around the table in our kitchen – being Austrian we never got as far as the sitting room!

A non event maybe?  But they all came and despite the feuds, all chatted together, so I felt great.  Maybe now in a little way we are more of our little community.


2 thoughts on “A Christmas tea party

  1. Great. You’ll get invites back I expect?


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